sending courage

Being a human is hard and exciting. There are so many of life’s moments where we feel compelled to send our energy toward another so they can feel our support. For most of us, a huge way we accomplish this is by sending a card.
Cards are a simple and powerful tool. When I was in high school our cross country coach would write a card to every single runner once a year (all 100 of us). I still have every single card she gave me and I know why. Each of those cards were an encouragement to me and I kept them because when I re-read them I have more courage to face life with all its ups and downs. 
A card offers a simple but extremely meaningful opportunity for us to send courage to another human and with this motivation our Spring release debuts Courage Cards! These new sentiments, as well as some of our existing options are an opportunity for your customers to send courage to other humans and we can’t think of anything more important at this juncture in history.
Cards for occasions are wonderful and important, but we all need courage every single day. We hope these cards will be an important part of your card wall, encouraging customers to send a card outside of specific occasions! 
Thanks so much for checking out the new cards below!
molly and the Shorthand Press Team

we think this card is especially great for the teachers and managers in our lives, but also wonderful for any human doing hard work (aka every human).

an undervalued and underused sentiment! these three simple words create such an impact.

we live our lives every day and we can forget that our actions can impact those around us. receiving this message out of the blue is sure to make this person feel appreciated.

who doesn’t want to hear this affirmation? we all need to be reminded of how special we are to someone else - what a joy to spread this positivity to someone you care about!

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